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Stellenrust News : June 2015
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Change - as good as a holiday

So often people say that change is as good as a holiday. Maybe there is some truth in that or maybe it is because they don’t have enough money to go on holiday. Either way, as winter sets in and the vines shed their leaves for a long overdue sleep, bottling of the new vintage wines come with a change – maybe not as good as a holiday – but a change intrinsic in the way forward for Stellenrust establishing itself as one of the largest family owned producers of premium wine in South Africa.

This has taken over 9 months of research and input from our worldwide partners and you, our supporters, to give our brands the necessary facelift. So after calling in the best plastic (label) surgeons for the job, we present you with the new look Stellenrust Premium range and Kleine Rust range.

The Stellenrust Premium Range was pulled back to the roots of the estate featuring the Helderberg property and giving the wines a sense of place. Kleine Rust was brightened up a bit and put on a new cap! The wines still offer the same extraordinary value and quality, now only with a more upmarket approach on packaging. As one clever developer said: location location location!!! In wine it is not only about the juice, but also the other major influence: branding, branding, branding!!!!

If you want to look like a rock star, you must act the part as well!

Game of Grapes - The Vintage Report

Whether you see harvest as the fight of the seven kingdoms in Game of Thrones, or the winemaker regarding himself as The Fixer (Scandal for our US readers, but Fixer may just fit better into this context) or keeping track of your opponents on the Black List, our winemaking team can guarantee that 2015 was one hell of a reality serious.

Vintage reports are usually the most boring and predictable piece of writing in the universe as usually winemakers, winegrowers, viticulturists (call them what you like), are destined to express positivity over a vintage. And the question that beholds all other:

‘Can every vintage really be that great?!’

Not in our little black book, but 2015 seems to have been one of the great ones! So herewith, a few words from the team in the vineyards and the cellar. We have cut them short on space in the newsletter as they tend to become boring after the second sentence. Full harvest reports can be obtained from the cellarmaster.

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