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Raise a glass to Cecil the Lion
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Cecil the Lion. His name has been on many lips over the past year as news of his death at the hands of the American dentist, Walter Palmer, spread far and wide. Fast forward over a year and on the 10th of August, my birthday no less, I had a drink in the name of this iconic lion as I celebrated not only my special day but also World Lion Day with a wine made in his name.

Africa is the home of these magnificent animals, but there are some serious threats to lions in Africa, such as loss of habitat, poaching, disease and trophy hunting. Over the past two decades, the African lion population is thought to have decreased by 43%, with approximately 20,000 remaining. Lions now occupy only about 8% of their historical range and are reported to have already vanished from 12 African countries, with possible recent disappearance in another four countries.

Introducing Stellenrust’s Cecil Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

This unique wine has been launched to ensure the legacy of one magnificent lion.

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